Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Deacons

On January 11, five Marianist Brothers were ordained as Deacons.  This is the final step before being ordained as a priest.  As Deacons, Brothers Arul Raj Maria Francis (India), Ilkyu Bosco Shin (Korea), Jinu Muthukattil Devasia (India), Jonas Hodabalo Kpatcha (Togo) and Robert Tchakpala Sidakou(Togo) are called to be servants - particularly to be servants of the Word of God, to be servants at the Eucharistic Table, and to be servants to the poor.  I simply offer the following pictures (there's a bunch of them) from the beautiful celebration in Our Lady of the Pillar Chapel at the Marianist Generalte in Rome.  Of course, afterwards, there was a Festa!



Practice, practice, practice.

Getting ready for the big festa afterwards.

Nobody was going to go hungry.


The guests are starting to arrive.

Here come the Sisters.

Three Dominican professors from the Angelicum University.

Let's get started

The procession begins.
The future Deacons are in place.
The rector, Fr. Pachi, calls the Deacons forward

Bishop Ladaria gives the homily.

Rite of Ordination

Questioning the candidates.
Bro. Jinu pledges obedience.

The candidates lay prostrate as the congregation chants the Litany of the Saints.

Bishop Ladaria lays his hands on Bro. Jonas.

Bro. Bosco becoming a Deacon.

The prayer of ordination.

The Marianist Sisters carry in the new vestments.
The singers look on (very piously).

The new Deacons are vested.

New Deacons.

Bro. Arul receives the Book of the Gospels.

Bro. Robert receives the sign of peace from Bishop Ladaria.


The offertory.

Preparing the altar.

The Eucharistic Prayer.

Cleaning up afterwards.

Sending Forth

Final Blessing.

With the new Deacons are Fr. Manolo (Superior General), Fr. Dominic (from Korea), Fr. Pachi (Rector) and Fr. Andre (Assistant General of Religious Life)

Group shot!

Students from the Angelicum University.

With Bro. Bosco's nephews.

Two Boscos!


Bro. Dan is blessed among women.

Bros. Bob, Javi and Sean

Bros. Sean, Robert and Beams

Bros. Bob, Giuliano, and Nereo.

The clean up crew.

 One more

The Wednesday before the Ordinations, Bro. Bosco's family attended the Wednesday audience of Pope Francis.  Here's a little video of the audience.  Bro. Bosco's nephew is child #3.  Just watch it and you'll understand.  (sorry if you need to look sideways)