Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dani - Marianist, Priest, Rapper

Here's the second installment of my Spain adventures.  The real reason for going to Valencia, Spain, was to be present at the Ordination of one of our Brother Seminarians - Dani.  I lived with Dani this past year in Rome, but had met him a few years ago when he was in Dayton studying English.  From being with him in Dayton, I learned three things about him:
  1. He doesn't like the cold.  In the community house that I always thought was warm, well he was freezing. 
  2. He thinks Americans eat at funny times.  I'll never forget the first time he saw me having lunch at 11:30.  Evidently the Spaniards eat a little later than the Americans (like after 2:00).
  3. He is a rapper.  No, not the mall-kiosk-at-Christmas-time wrapper.  But a musician-rapper.  In fact the first (and only) official rap concert I've been to was one of his.  He has also rapped for Pope Benedict XVI.
 He was ordained at St. Francis Xavier Church in Valencia on August 31 by the Bishop of Barcelona who just happens to be the brother of our Superior General (head honcho of the Marianists) and of the Provincial of Spain (head honcho of the Marianists in Spain) - that mother must be proud!  I have no doubt that Dani will be a humble, gentle and servant-driven Marianist priest.  He might also rap a few homilies.

Congrats Dani!


With Fr. Dani.

Fr. Dani's first mass, celebrated in the chapel of Our Lady of the Pillar School in Valencia.

Fr. Dani's first homily. 
I just liked this picture of the Church.
Fr. Dani rapping for the community last Christmas.

At the concert in Dayton a few years ago.  I am so cool.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


At the end of August, myself and five other Brothers traveled to Spain for the ordination of one of our Brothers (more on this later) and for a bit of relaxing.  And, as it turns out, we evidently went there to eat!  Our first stop was Valencia.  It is a beautiful city that mixes both the medieval and the modern (as the pictures will show).  Our guide, Bro. Javi kept saying that it was "the city of the sun" but we only believed him when the sun came out after three days of rain and gray clouds.  Enjoy this first installment of pictures from my Spanish adventure.


Valencia and its architecture are really beautiful.

So, we'll start with the older section of town.

The Cathedral.

Mary, the patron of the city.

Supposedly the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper.  And I always thought Indiana Jones had found it.

I actually thought the "chapel of the chalice" was nicer than the cup itself.

The hand of St. Vincent Martyr.  This one's for my friend Andrea.

The pulpit wear St. Vincent Ferrer preached.

The main altar of the Cathedral.
All the touring makes you hungry.  Here we tried horchata, a Valencian treat.  Sort of like a milkshake.

With Bro. Javi, our guide, at the beach.  Unfortunately, we never went into the sea because of bad weather.
Real Valencia oranges.

At the Marianist parish.
And now on to modern Valencia.  There is an area with museums, an opera house and a park.  All built around water features.

With Fr. Pachi.

Valencia's version of Central Park.

The Opera House.

Chapel in the Marianist school.

The Marianist school.
More food.  This time, paella.

Here we are with a family that was very generous to us.  They fed us way too much food...

...gave us beautiful views of the beach...
...and let us stay in their villa.

Yes, there was a pool....
...and rooms with a view.

Valencia makes for a bunch of happy brothers.